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Consultant ENT Surgeon Petros V. Vlastarakos in Agios Dimitrios Athens

Dr. Petros V. Vlastarakos PhD, is an ENT Consultant at MITERA Infirmary. He worked in the UK for 4 consecutive years, as a Specialist ENT Surgeon at the Lister, Queen Elizabeth II and Hertford County Hospitals of the Greater London Area, until June 2012. He is now permanently based in Athens, Greece.

Dr. Vlastarakos’ ENT practice is located in Agios Dimitrios Athens (Dafni Subway Station), and the Doctor is certified for electronic prescription of medications and laboratory/imaging examinations, by the National Organization for Provision of Health Services.

If you suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, nasal breathing difficulties, hoarseness, dysphagia, recurrent tonsillitis, or your child is demonstrating snoring, apneic episodes, recurrent tonsillitis, or suspected hearing loss, there is no reason to hesitate.

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